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You’re invited to our first ever LIVE Facebook chat!


Goa is one of our favourite destinations, offering wonderful Indian culture and heritage, beautiful architecture, stunning landscapes and of course those world-famous beaches. The climate is on average a balmy 30°C throughout the year, making it a perfect holiday destination, particularly for winter sunseekers. Join our resident Goa experts Ian Hailes and Neil Garner for a LIVE Facebook chat on Tuesday and […]

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Jul 4 2012 / Holidays // Travel Tips

A Hen Do here or Hen Do there?

Ladies enjoying cocktails

Partying, pampering and good friends out to make the bride-to-be blush – it’s all essential to that final fling with freedom we call the hen do. If you’re in charge of organising a hen party, make sure it’s one that allows bride and friends to let go totally. Do get out of town, but it’s also worth considering a […]

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Surf and turf safari – how to get the most out of your safari holiday

Cosmos Alligator Everglades

Long gone are the days when going on safari was the privilege of the well-off. We’re going to take a look at two amazing and affordable Cosmos safari package holidays that couldn’t be more different! Florida, Everglades Safari Flight time from the UK: 9 ½ hours What to see and do: There is so much more to Florida package […]

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Literary locations: read your way around the world

Cosmos, Literary Locations, Kefalonia

I always pack something good to read on holiday. Of course, I have a trashy page-turner that will see me through the flight and give me some cover while I snooze beside the pool. But I also like to bring a book as a personal guide. And I’m not talking about guidebooks – although they are handy. I want […]

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Apr 30 2012 / Travel Tips

Curry, culture and carnivals – A quick guide to the cultures and customs of Goa


Shimmering white sands, sparkling blue waters and gently swaying palms – these are just some of the things that attract more than 2 million* people a year to this little corner of paradise and make Goa holidays so popular. However, there’s a lot more to Goa than beautiful beaches and perfect weather. The unique history and culture of the […]

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Feb 28 2012 / Holidays

Six amazing places to visit in Goa

bengal tiger

Goa is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination and acts as a gateway for many a holidaymaker’s first taste of India. With cheap holidays to Goa now available through Cosmos, this tropical paradise not only offers swaying palms, beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, but also countless captivating cultural sites to contribute to an unforgettable time away. Here’s a run-down […]

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